Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pencak Dor Tradition from Kediri,Java,Indonesia

Martial arts in addition to forming self-defense was also able to resolve the dispute and rancor in my heart. From the East Javanese martial art is known for its martial bam. Pencak martial art performances are held every year bam once the original is to solve problems among students at the seminary Nirboyo. They are fighting it physically pitted on stage until each realizes mistakes and weaknesses. 
Free-style martial arts fighting this bam stuff at times there are only Nirboyo pesantren in Kediri. The fighters of various types of martial arts can directly go up and look for the corresponding opponent. 
Teknic of fight is variety, boxing, martial arts stance and even the style of taekwondo kicks. But not a few also who wants to fight at here or there at. 
Pencak bam in Pesantren Nirboyo this is not to find who the champion or the best. The fight in the ring this is one way the students in solving problems. 
Participants were not limited to the rules of the game and also no special security allowed. But there are four musketeers elders on the stage was a dangerous fighter ready to arbitrate if 
Certainly not a little hurt, but it was better than among those still holding grudges. So think about the meaning of Pencak bam. 
Free fight event was first on the idea by the late Gus Maksum caregivers Pesantren Nirboyo Kediri. When there are students who fight, then it completed  above the ring. 
Bam fight martial tradition is still preserved and always in the title every year.

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