Saturday, July 31, 2010

Impun Party from Pelabuhan Ratu,West Java,Indonesia

In Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, there is a party named  Impun party. Impun this is not like any other party but a fishing tradition impun. That is kind of small fish which are abundant in July on the coast of Pelabuhan Ratu. Thousands of citizens ranging from children and parents to capture these fish are quite a fortune additional results. 
Thousands of people are not enjoying the beautiful day trips Pelabuhan Ratu beach in Sukabumi, West Java. They are people around who are competing for fish Impun. A kind of fish that usually begins a lot throughout the month of July this or Mawlood months. 
Both children and parents mingle around the downstream Cimandiri, Cisolok, and Sukamayana up the river that borders Cibareno Banten. 
Impun capture has become a tradition and highly anticipated wait for residents. Because giving additional fortune. 
The price of fish is quite tempting. One glass of Rp 7000. In a day impun fish hunters can make money USD 100,000 - USD 300,000. Ratno Mumun and even far away to come to Port impun Queen to find fish. 
In addition to their own consumption, they also sell them. To find this impun fish, they were able to stay 1-2weeks. 
Although the waves Pelabuhan Ratu beach notorious and dangerous, thousands of these seemed not to care. They even added a spirit as big waves instead took the fish which are pulled to the beach. 
This impun own party usually ends when the moon was going down Mawlood. Because the other months, this fish is very difficult to obtain.

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