Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kebon Jeruk Mosque,Jakarta,Indonesia

Kebon Jeruk Mosque 

This mosque lies exactly on the side of the road Hayam Wuruk. A center of Jakarta's Chinatown area was so crowded. 
Historically, this mosque was built in 1718 AD by a Chinese Muslim who migrated from the Chinese State. His name is Chau Tsien Hwu. He and his wife, Fatima Hwu, and other groups build and manage muhajirin this mosque. 
Chau did not actually build a new mosque. He just went a little mushollah building which has been standing there for a long time. Unfortunately small mushollah was not maintained. Building mushollah this round, thatched palm leaves, four-poster, and each is filled with carved pillars. 
Chau Tsien Hwu along his wife and entourage Tionghoa other Muslims to come to Kebon Jeruk after being pressured by Chien Dynasty ruler who embraced Buddhism. 
The mosque is always in padati by pilgrims from various regions, even Muslims from various countries were easy we meet here. They average a beard, dressed in Koko, a white turban or cap, and pants are not covering their ankles. Many also wear a long dress to the knee, which is always rotating beads in hand and the aroma of sandalwood oil and Kasturi, so strong spread throughout the room. From the way they dress so that they appear to imitate the ways (sunna) of the Prophet, not to mention their brotherly bond is so strong that indicates they are a people who obey the teachings of His messenger. In fact, chances are no one among them knew each other. Kebun Jeruk Mosque congregation this was known by the name Tablighi Jamaat, they always listen to lectures regularly and fervently after every maghrib. Jemaah consists of various professions, such as the head of the boarding school, regent, street vendors, a young businessman, former gangsters, there was a student until the artist who became pilgrims here. Gito Rollies for example, during life often seem to follow the activities in this mosque. 
Kebon Jeruk Mosque congregation was always increased from year-ketahun "Here storehouse of knowledge, do not be surprised if more and more that come here. Sometimes does not fit, but this mosque should be built guns anymore because the old mosque, the most just repair it, "said Ayatollah, come home once a month to see his wife and three children in the ward. Kebon Jeruk Mosque building style has some similarities with the existing mosques in Java. But the touch of china visible architectural styles from heritage objects, such as antique calendar and a tomb in the courtyard of the mosque with stylish china tombstone that read Hsienpi Men Tsu MOW which means "this is the tomb of China's Chai family." This mosque became an evidence of cultural assimilation is maintained.

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