Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tutup Bulan Suro Tradition from Ambarawa,Central Java,Indonesia

Consultative Closing the month or the month of Muharram, the people who live around the lake Swamp Pening, Ambarawa, Central Java, held a tradition of alms Swamp Pening with put  rice cone to the center of  the lake. In addition to reinforcements are intended as a parameter, in this tradition also embodied the meaning of the expression of gratitude for blessings received by local residents livelihood as fishermen and farmers. 
Swamp Pening float tradition begins with the offerings of hundreds of residents gathering dikediaman Dowo Kebon village headman, District Banyu Biru, Ambarawa, Central Java. In this place set up two giant rice cone and a number of offerings that will put in to centre Ambarawa lake. 
Offerings such as side dishes such as chicken and other meats, as well as the land that residents submitted. Having prayed for the village elders, the two cone shaped and varied offerings are paraded toward the edge of the Swamp Pening. Before being taken to the middle of a lake, the village elders for lighting the torch lit procession float while in progress. 
Offering a single cone was brought into the middle of the lake, while one other cone contested by residents. Float tradition Rawa Rawa Pening Pening or alms has always attracted the attention of local people, and hundreds of entrants. 
Hereditary ritual is a manifestation of gratitude for good fortune residents received by the residents, especially those who pocket living as farmers and fishermen around the Swamp Pening. Residents believe the float procession of these offerings during the next year they will be spared from the calamity and disaster

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