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Kuda Silat Tradition from sumedang,West Java,Indonesia

Renggong horse tradition rooted in the community Sumedang. Because of that, not too difficult to find citizens Sumedang, especially in the countryside, along the horses trained to dance. Look at the atmosphere in the front yard of a villager Ciherang, District Rancakalong, Sumedang. Recently, the excitement bubble merrily over the sound wave and sinden petabuh tones of gamelan. As there is no distance between animals and humans in this tradition. 
Renggong Horse is a very popular art form in Sumedang. Almost every village in the district which is about 45 kilometers from Bandung city is having a horse renggong arts groups. Once the popularity of this art, so every time gamelan renggong beaten horse will always invite the presence of many people. 
In Sumedang, horses from the village of Silat Ciherang Dugongs group led by Memet was quite famous. This art group has won several championships renggong horse. Their popularity has made these groups are often invited to the feast. Often when there is circumcision in new cut, they will be invited to entertain the wedding circumcision. The bride circumcision climbed into the saddle and then paraded around villages. Understandably, for the citizens of Sumedang is a pride if they could invite a group dugongs during circumcision. 
This renggong horse tradition inseparable from the history of the past. At the beginning of XVIII century, horse transport among the feudal or aristocratic Sumedang. Especially when examining the region kekuasaanya. This can not be separated from the command of the Prince Regent Sumedang Aria Suriaatmaja ruling in 1882 until 1919. To that end, the Prince of Aria who was also nicknamed the Prince of Mecca, brought many horses from the island of Sumbawa, West Nusatenggara and Sumba Island, East Nusatenggara. Consequently, at that time, the number of horses in Sumedang swells reaching hundreds of tail. 
Usually, these horses entrusted to the local population to be maintained. And sice tersebutlah one named Sipan, villagers Cikurubuk, Buahdua District, about 20 kilometers from Sumedang. Since childhood, who was nicknamed Ki Sipan Sipan've loved horses. He feels happy if his father was ordered to bathe a horse named Bidin. 
Sipan initially tried to accompany the horse to be bathed to the accompaniment of bamboo tetabuhan angklung, and percussion Dogdog Dogdog or similar. Apparently, pet horse to the music and moving his feet, as it has been taught or trained. 
Prince Aria heard the news. He was happy. Two horses named Si and Si Ciengek Dengek Sipan sent to be trained. And for the first time also, when the circumcision ceremony of Prince Aryan family, and Si Si Cengek Dengek Sumedang dancing in front of residents. Initially, they called it a horse renggong & quotkuda igel "because it can ngigel or dance. 
After Ki Sipan died in 1939, had forwarded the ability to train his horse named Ki Sukria. Since that until now, the tradition still preserved renggong horse. 
Renggong Horse Festival eve, the dancers along with several members of the team went to the Mount horse renggongnya Scorpions. The goal will seek to a big rock which, according to stories handed down a former footprints horse fly. It is said that these footprints are former white-winged horse's footing of a prince. Some believe the horse lovers, horse racing ahead, efforts will be made to the Mount of Scorpions won the champion horse. 
Prior to the arena, special rituals were performed, ie, burn incense. Fragrant incense that had been given water incantations are believed to make the horses dance with the nimble and bersilat with respite. 
Public interest Sumedang watching this race is quite high. 

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