Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seni Buroq from Brebes,Java,Indonesia

Various methods are used to enrich the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In Bradford, there is a tradition of Central Java obrok that woke people for dinner meal using the traditional art buroq. In addition to the symbols of Islam on this tradition continues to be maintained to preserve art that is buroq Brebes original art. 
On every night during Ramadan, especially before the coming of dawn meal time, the atmosphere in the Village Pakijangan, Brebes, Central Java, was festive. This is because of the tradition that made obrok locals. 
Obrok is a tradition to wake people for dinner meal using the traditional art buroq. This art displays two-headed flying horse or a beautiful girl called Buroq. In addition to featuring two dolls buroq, in the pageant - also joined a dozen children who carried the torch bamboo. 
They went around the village with the accompaniment of tambourine blend of modern musical instruments, namely guitars and melody. As long as they continue to walk around the village chanting Shalawat Prophet while occasionally shouting sahur - meal. Even they are not reluctant - reluctant citizens who have not knocked up. 
Although carried out voluntarily and unconditionally, the members of the arts is not uncommon to get buroq wages from concerned citizens, but the money earned from residents used partly for social and charity activities.

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