Saturday, July 31, 2010

Petok Pary from Ciamis,Java,Indonesia

Ciamis, It has become tradition, the breeder in Ciamis District held a party every year is always the peg.
At this time the party petok displays various farm yield potential, such as cattle fattening, sheep breeding, animal husbandry, duck, rabbit farms, including the production of processed results of the ranch.

 In addition to presenting the results of cattle, sheep agility contest was also held Garut. Also held even drink milk campaign activities for elementary school students. Milk is distributed is also a result of Ciamis.
Ciamis Regent Engkon Komara said that her party Petok a breeder. With these activities can be found in Ciamis livestock sector development. "Petok is a very good event for Hospitality fellow breeders and farmers as well as a party. Ciamis District as an area that has a huge potential of cattle, still need to be developed," he said.

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