Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rooms Perpetuation of R. A. Kartini,Rembang,Central Java,Indonesia

Rooms perpetuation R. A. Kartini

Sightseeing Museums RAKartini perpetuation Rooms in the Village District Kuthoharjo Rembang 300 M distance from the city center, occupying Rembang one room Regent House Office of Regional Head of Tk II Rembang. To get to the museum is easily accessible by public car. Many tourists who visit there next to commemorate the history of this woman hero of RA Kartirni will also see a direct legacy of history: the original article Kartini, Room dedication which these rooms as a place to fight for emancipation of women, so until he was given the title Hero of Women, as a painting RA Kartini of the only son of RM Susalit. To determine how far and how the background of RA Kartini, in Sightseeing guides are provided which attempts to provide satisfactory service with the intention that the tourists love to visit in this tourism object. Being in that location, visitors can see the building where RA Kartini first teach or apply their knowledge to their students. Original building was located one location approximately 150 m to the museum RA Kartini.

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