Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meduwe Pura Karang, Bali,Indonesia

Meduwe Pura Karang,

Environmental Maduwe Pura is one of the Coral Temple in Bali environment that has been known to foreign tourists before the Second World War. In the Age of the foreign tourists came to Bali by sea in the port of Buleleng. In this place while waiting for public transport the tourists to use the time to visit the environment in the village of Pura Beji Sangsit, Environmental Maduwe Temple Crag in the village of Pura Kubutambahan.Lingkungan dar i consists of three levels of "Jaba Pura" outside the temple or "Jabaan", "Middle Jaba", and "Offal", the most in is the most sanctified. Two stone steps up to Jaba Pura, which is on the front decorated with statues of rocks, thirty-four in number, taken from the characters and scenes from the Ramayana story.

The statue that stood in the middle shows Kumbhakarna are fighting and attacked by the army of monkeys the Sugriva. A unique, on the north wall is carved relief of people who ride bikes have rear wheel lotus petals. Another attraction is a sculpture of Durga in its manifestation as Rangda, in a sitting position with her knees wide open so her genitals clearly visible. His right hand is placed on the head of a little boy who stood beside his knee, his right foot placed on the horns of animals which were lying. In other parts of the walls of this temple environment is a sculpture of a flying horse and rider sculpture Astimuka. This character is described as the Sang Hyang Gana (Ganesh), the god with an elephant face. Confines of the Coral Temple is located Maduwe in KUBUTAMBAHAN village, 12 km east of Singaraja.

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