Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rimba PasucenCcentral Java,Indonesia

Rimba Pasucen

Sightseeing is located in the village Pasucen, Gunem District is located ± 30 km from the town of Rembang. ± 7 km east of the campsite Mantingan. To go to these locations via Fur, because this object is a potential tourism but still needed the support facilities, especially transportation facilities. To Object to the location, the road was rocky and had to pass through forest areas along the ± 10 km Sightseeing This is a very historic thing proven by the 3 types of Goa Goa Displays, Goa and Goa Jcgong Joglo purportedly for "hiding" the hostile Blancak Ngilo Sunan Bonang and there is also a supposedly clean water story former club tancapan Sunan Bonang. For tourists who want to get the story more clearly and see relics of the historic visit immediately Pasucen Woods Tourism Object .

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