Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kertya and Museum Gedong Buleleng,Bali,Indonesia

Kertya and Museum Gedong Buleleng

Gedong Kertya and Museum is located in Buleleng Pura Sasana Budaya Art Singaraja, precisely in the road Veteran no. 23 Singaraja. Gedong Kertya is ejection yng library exists only one in Indonesia, even in the world. There is a collection and copies of handwritten text associated with Balinese literature, myths, medicine, incantations, religious literature and others. There are also palm-shaped image contains comic called "prasi". There are about 4000 palmyra stored in this library are stored in a wooden box.

A few meters to the east Gedong Kertya, there Buleleng Museum which was established on March 30, 2002, which stored its collection includes objects like the sarcophagus Ancient Remains, sculpture, and other weapons. Art objects such as paintings, cloths, Handicraft Gold and silver and other objects relating to the North Balinese society such as agricultural tools and fishing equipment.

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