Sunday, March 28, 2010

BUkakak Ceremony,Singaraja,Bali,Indonesia


There Bukakak ceremony in the village of Dangin Sangsit Indigenous Yeh, Sawan Village District Sangsit ± 8 km east of Singaraja City. This ceremony is very unique because it only occurred in the village Sangsit conducted once every 2 years and interspersed with ngusaba ceremony each year. This ceremony is associated with "Ngusaba Ceremony", a ceremony which aims to pray for the farmers are given a good harvest. In this ceremony, made "Pork Chop" (a roasted young pig) which at the time only partially bake the roast pork is cooked. This rolling pigs later by subak members paraded in a procession accompanied by Nong Tik gemelan, explore the rice field area to invoke the blessings.

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