Monday, February 16, 2009

East Java

The enchanment of this regoin reaches its summit at the Tengger plateau. The gate to traditional way of life of the Tengger community dominated by its rituals of worship of theis mountain god. Bromo crater stands in the middle of a "Sand Sea" a huge sand filled caldera that came from the wake of a gigantic eruption in prehistoric times. A steep steps lead to the floor of the caldera to the crater rim, from with point one looks down into smoking, rumbling crater of the active vocano on one side and The Sea on the other side. In these place you can be a wittness of what people say The Best Sunrise in The world.
Off the northern coast of East Java separated by a narrow strip of sea lies the Madura Island, with their traditional cattle breeder and fishing the famous Karapan Sapi or bull race

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