Saturday, March 14, 2009


This island constitutes the second largest island in the world after Greenland. Its become one of tourist destination cause it is so exotic. Now a days, we can find hotels easyly,The nature is unique mark by mountain ranges with eternal snow on the top. The impenetrable luxuriant forest covering most of the island. Therefore, its communities tend to live isolated each other. Intergroups relations become not intensive too.
From around 250 existing tribes, two of them are very well known. These are the Dani inhabiting the Baliem valley and the Asmat living on the southwestern part of Irian Jaya. The natural environment of the dani community is found in the Baliem valley. They are dry field workers with sweet potatoes as the main plants. Whereas the Asmat, on the other hand, are living on lands that are constantly wet throughout the year. There for its land and their stilts supported houses are formed from mud sediment and swamps, flowed through by rivers and the affect of the high rise and fall of the tides. Asmat has excellent woodcarvers who are called “wow ipits”. Carving is carried out toward all goods made of wood. Daily goods as well as traditional rituals equipment.

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