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The National Monument, known as MONAS, is the landmark of Jakarta, Indonesia. The high monument with beautiful design and it has eternal flame covered by pure gold.on its top.

The construction of the Monument National started on August 17, 1961 under the supervision of the National Monument Committee led by the first President of the Republic Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. It was built by means of mutual cooperation of the Indonesian people. The aim and purpose of the construction of the National Monument are :
To commemorate and immortalize the date 17-08-1945 : THE PROCLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA as the embodiment of the NATIONAL RELOLUTION. (It immortalized the number 17-08-1945, in its measurements)
To reflect the fighting zeal of the Indonesian people in solidifying the spirit and exalting the sublimity of the struggle for independence. (This is symbolized in the obelisk and the eternal flame on its top)
To evoke inspiration and educate the present and future generations by familiarizing them with the significance and greatness of the struggle, identity, culture, and dignity of the Indonesian people. (This is displayed in the form of dioramas which depict the milestones of the Indonesian history, located in the Museum of National History)
To introduce the National Monument to the international world as a whole as one aspect of tourism object.
The National Monument built in Jakarta has several consider nation as Jakarta is:
The City of Proclamation, where the Independence of the Indonesian Nation was proclaimed on August 17, 1945
As the Capital City of the Republic of Indonesia.
As the location of the National Monunent construction at that time was chosen Merdeka Square because of several factors :
The location is more or less in the center of the Capital City of Jakarta.
The area is quite ideal.
It is surrounded by several Government buildings.
It has a historical value where the Indonesian people experienced an ordeal on September 19,1945,when a mass meeting was held at he IKADA SQUARE and now it is popularly known as the LAPANGAN MERDEKA to voice its very determined will to enforce its unity and defend its freedom even when confronted by surrounding Japanese troops with drawn bayonets and armored cars.
The National Monument and its Historical Museum is entirely a monumental Indonesian architecture of National importance inspiring the struggle of the Indonesian Nation now and afterwards to achieve the national objective as formulated in the Preambule of the 1945 Constitution, to reinforce the Pancasila awareness in life and as historical monument of the Indonesian Nation.
As the center and soul of The National Monument, the National spire will propagate its influences and power to attract day and night everyone who is or will be in its surrounding and award its WELCOME to everyone entering Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia.

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