Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pukul Sapu Ceremony,Halmahera,Indonesia

Pukul Sapu Ceremony is one event to enliven the Eid al-Fitr that was held by the people who lived in the village of Morella and the Village Mamala included in the administrative region Leihitu district, Central Maluku District, Provincial other Maluku.Nama for this ceremony is the Baku Pukul Menyapu or Pukul Manyapu
Ritual is classified ekstren, held every December 7 Shawwal Hijrah calendar reckoning / Islamic calendar, or on the seventh day after Idul Fitri.
Usually the participants of the ceremony is the youth of the two neighboring indigenous villages, although At Sweep is a Muslim tradition but the ceremony was also attended and involve Christians in the area, especially those they have kinshipties with society these two villages.
Pukul Sapu specialty of this is extreme, attractive, and entertaining. Eachparticipant ceremony is held every year will whip the other participants in front of himin turn by using a stick of palm trees, which in Maluku language called Mayang tree

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