Monday, May 30, 2011

Coka Iba Tradition,Halmahera,Maluku,Indonesia

Each of 12 Robiul Earlier, Muslims celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. In various places in the country, a variety of ways done to show a sense of joy to welcome the birth of the prophet. In Sub Patany, Central Halmahera, North Maluku, the society has a unique tradition, that tradition is called Coka Iba or Mask of Satan. Sub Patany, Central Halmahera, located at the eastern most province of North Maluku, located quite far from the provincial capital of Ternate, about 2 hours by road or 6 hours using speedboat. In this Patany District, developed a tradition of welcoming the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Coka Iba or demon mask. Coka Iba is a form of joy the whole nature of the bearer of grace, including the devil and the devil. Satan and demons will roaming, scolding, chasing and beating people who are still on the streets because they are not grateful for the birth of the last Prophet. A day before the Coka Iba, district consisting of two villages have been primp, welcomed the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Shades of Islam is very strong in everyday life of local communities. After Maghrib, the Bobato Hereafter or the Kadi mosque, have prepared a venue for readings Sarawal Anam. Anam Sarawal contains glory and the story of the Prophet the Messenger of Allah leading earth, including the birth of Prophet Muhammad as a Prophet cover. As the village elders blessings mendengungkan prophet in a mosque, the youth busy and prepare Coka makeup Iba or various types of masks that will be used the next day. Usually this form of mask kept secret, so they are not easily recognizable.Formerly used masks that always displays the hideous face, but over the development period, the shape of the mask was changed according to the creation of each author. Quite often, they spend money to hundreds of thousands of dollars for decorating a mask that will be used. However according to customary rules, the original mask which is a scary-faced leader of the entire Coka Iba still is mandatory. Leaders are called Coka Coka Iba Iba Iba Coka Yani and Gof. After dawn prayers, hundreds Coka Iba began to gather. Sangaji or customs officials to remove Coka Iba ratanip Yani by three strokes. In essence, the ritual Coka Iba reminded everyone to stay inside the house, grateful for the birth of the bearer of grace to the earth. For those who still roam the streets without a costume Coka Iba, then the Coka Iba would pursue that person and beat mercilessly, until these people get back into the house. Coka Iba served until Maghrib the streets for three days, until the arrival time pataeng.Pantaeng a closing ritual of celebration Coka Iba. In the ritual pantaeng the chairman customary and religious leaders in two villages Patany, Wailaji, Kipai, will visit each other and forgive each other with each other. Coka Iba a tradition Sultan Tidore heritage, this tradition is increasingly not work crushed changing times.

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