Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traditional House Sasado,Halmahera,Indonesia

In North Maluku, Halmahera Sahu exactly there are the traditional houses known as "sasadu". "Sasadu" is an "artifact" culture that has so far remained robust with authenticity and construction kekhasaan "sasadu" her. in place this sasadu generally known to the public as a place to perform rituals Sahu community mores, and also used as a meeting place local community or village.Sasadu is also a place for deliberation in society Sahu. Construction of this building is very unique and has its own philosophical meaning. The building is open to the woven sago leaves very well so they can survive longer and do not have doors that open wide to the entrance which could be from the front or rear. Towering ridge of the roof at both ends depending on the two spheres which are covered with fibers which is a symbol of two supernatural forces are believed by the Sahu.Supernatural power which one has the strength and destroy like an earthquake shook the mighty, while the other supernatural force that has the strength as a fortress of defense and lasting protection as a mountain of stone, but now society has let go of beliefs Sahu is with faith in Almighty God as creator everything. Second, the custom house Sasadu no nails or screws that link the inter-one beam / pillar to another pillar, and this means that there is no compulsion in communication or relationship building among others, all take place voluntarily, so that anyone who entered the house This sasadu customary in the community that allowed both native and immigrant tribes, all who come in sasadu were brothers.
The three positions higher ridges of the houses and the roof is lower than people's houses, showing the sense that the relationship the higher is the Creator (God Almighty) and all those who enter into Sasadu be humble, respect to the Creator and to fellow. Fourth in a traditional house Sasadu, there are no walls on the six door where the entrance and exit. two doors to the entrance out to women, two doors to the men and two doors for the government in this case the guests. This indicates that the custom house Sasadu open to all people, both among fellow villagers as well as outside the community without distinction from any class he came from.
In a traditional house there Sasadu kaluka by the two, namely wood carving the bow and stern of the boat-shaped that in place at both ends of the ridge Sasadu which means a boat that was sailing. This ethos is very popular with the community Sahu which is one of the tribe who love to sail or adventure. so it is believed that the sail across the ocean of life is always led by God Almighty. Replication of this sailboat was brought ashore in the form in the traditional house Sasadu called "Kagunga Tego Tego-which means that there is a war boat on land.
In addition there is mounting a big flag (banner) and the installation of a small flag (dayalo) and the installation of custom sasadu decoration around the house with a white cloth that is designed in the form of small hills (paturo) which symbolizes the power of a sovereign government in the Republic of Indonesia. In this harvest thanksgiving feast in meriahkan with dance Legu - smoked and usually celebrate for seven (7) days and seven nights but there is nothing unique wine to be drunk even though the main drinks and no one to fight because there is customary to whom sanctions are drunk or fight and obey it in the indigenous community to date

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