Sunday, July 26, 2009


Wakatobi is the name of an archipelago located in an area of Sulawesi Tenggara (South Eastern), Indonesia. The name Wakatobi is derived from the names of the main islands that form the archipelago: Wangiwangi Island, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongko. The group is part of a larger group called the Tukangbesi Islands.
The archipelago, located in the biodiverse hotspot known as Wallacea.
The Wakatobi, at 1.39 million hectares is the second largest marine protected area in Indonesia. The park encompasses stunning coral reefs, white sand beaches and an amazing wealth of whales and dolphins.

The Wakatobi is situated in the western area of the Banda Sea. It is a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and pristine reefs. The Wakatobi Dive Resort on Tolandono island (near Tomia) is currently the major dive resort within the Wakatobi, although a small backpacker dive operation exists on Hoga Island called Tukangbesi Diving that runs dive packages around Hoga.

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subair said...

haloo...Wakatobi, I love you.

Ada yang ingin anda cari ...? pakai ini...!!

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