Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kamang Cave,Aceh,Indonesia

Kamang cave located in Jorong Durian, Kanagarian kamang Mudik, Magek kamang District, is one of the caves which used to be used by fighters Agam for various purposes in the Republic of Indonesia won independence from Dutch colonial party. These caves were used as a strategy in place to regulate kamang War, between the figures ever used it was Haji Abdul Manan. In everyday life these caves better known as the Grotto kamang. 

Also in 1831, also used as a stronghold for Tuanku Nan Renceh and his followers. He was one of the officers and fighters nan Tuanku Imam Bonjol famous follower of freedom fighters against the occupiers in the Padri War from 1821 to 1837. Nan Rencch also known as one of the Tigers Salapan Nan (Tiger Yang Eight) in Luhak Agam. Eighth Imam Bonjol officer was so feared the Netherlands. In the cave there kamang grotto area of 70 square meters room where Tuanku Nan Renceh maneuver and defend themselves. There are wells that are clean and sufficient water supply for cooking while the hills are not easy to protect cave cannons pounded metraliur generation or the old-fashioned at that time. 
Kamang Grotto which has approximately 5 km long frequented by the community in tourism activities, but the conditions are very poor and broken, stood nearby factories lime raw materials taken from the rocks that surround Grotto. 
In this cave has also been studied by the Archaeological Institute of Culture Directorate of the Ministry of P & K along with Bennet Bronson Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania under the leadership of Basuki. From the study it was found shards of pottery of an age younger than age paleolitikum the early years AD. From these findings can be expected that this location already exists in human life since the beginning of the first century BC. 
Cave, a distance of 15 kilometers from Bukittinggi is very easily accomplished with various types of vehicles. Way over there is good enough even though there is not yet paved. The doors of the cave was decorated with a large gate house model. The main entrance tourists can stay out of another hole in the place a bit high. 

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