Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sentolo Beach,Garut,Java,Indonesia

Sentolo beach.
White sand. It seems whiter than the sand on the beach in Sanur or Kuta. There was no large rocks along the shore. That there is only a stretch of white sand as far as the eye could see. A
Clear seawater. The waves rolled soared, a barrage hit the beach. Deburannya sound broke the silence at the same time eliminate the tired, and stress.

Boat rental
If you want to enjoy the waves, and the panorama on the sea, visitors can rent boats. There are many traditional fishermen fishing in the Indian Ocean.
Sometimes they go to sea until near Christmas Island in Australia. Not infrequently they were arrested. On the high seas was indeed quite beautiful. But for visitors who want to enjoy a view, can rent a traditional boat and traveling for several hours from the beach.
To visit the beach, people have to travel long enough. From Garut to Pemeungpeuk will be taken about five hours. Winding his way through the tea estates. Mountain scenery in the area until heading south on the beach is quite beautiful.

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