Thursday, November 18, 2010

Larat Island,Maluku,Indonesia

Larat Island Tribe Population is Tanimbar with clumps Saira, Larat, and Fordate. The three families are using the language with the dialect Larat. Larat Island residents still have a strong culture. This can be seen from the traditional weaving, carving sculptures, and wood carving are found. The musical tradition is still strong, it is seen from the habits of people playing Tifa, flutes, and gongs.
Larat island has flora and fauna endemic among carrion flowers (Amorphophalus Sp), Nuri Red (Eosarticulata), Nuri Red Cheeks (Geoffroyus geoffroyi), Lorikeet Red chin (Charmosyna Placenti). Fourth of flora and fauna are not found in other areas, especially in front of the island, Maluku Province.
Island residents have a tradition of making vessels Larat that began several centuries ago, before the arrival of the Dutch Colonial. Lang lang gets, is a large-capacity vessel which can carry dozens of passengers.
The island's economy relies on agriculture and marine Larat. Nuts and tuber crops is a leading agricultural community. Results Larat Island marine economy is sustained by the cultivation of seaweed and the sea is rich. Sea cucumbers, reef fish and fish are two types of commodities traded seafood a lot.

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