Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ritual from Suku Pamoa,Sulawesi,Indonesia

HABIT bury the corpse in the cave not only do residents of Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. Latea Cave, about 57 kilometers south of Poso town, or 258 kilometers from Palu, Central Sulawesi provincial capital is the ancient tribal burial Pamona, Poso natives.
Pamona ancestors that once lived in the hills, especially those living in the hills Wawolembo. Burial system by placing the bodies in the caves, just ended around the 19th century AD. This cave has experienced the collapse of rocks around over 2000 years ago. Latea Cave consists of two levels is, at bottom, there are four pairs of coffins and 36 pieces of human skull. Meanwhile, above, there are 17 pairs of casket, 47 fruits and five fruit skull bracelet hand. Both parts are never restored in 1994.
Not only in Cave Latea. Pamona ancestors graves other people there at Pamona Cave is located right on the shores of Lake Poso. This cave has 12 rooms.
Although the graves of Pamona ancestors, but Pamona Cave is not only a beautiful tourist spots to visit, but also become a playground of local children. Caves and Cave Latea Pamona, are two of cultural heritage in Poso district. Both cave has last visited in 1997 and then, when the execution of Lake Poso Festival (FDP) is ninth.

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