Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ritual Ngayau from Kalimantan,Indonesia

Ritual Ngayau.This ritual is usually done when the parents of the Dayak tribe Tomun someone dies then her male offspring will diupacarai customary to leave the village in search of casualties of people's heads that will be on offer to the bodies of the dead parents.But because these customary sadism destroyed along with the growing development of the Dayak people Kaharingan thinking itself will the realization that the ritual is in sharp contrast with government regulations and norms that also apply to people of this country generally.One of the historical evidence of ritual Ngayau we found in Rumbang Bulin, Dayak traditional house in the village Tomun Bakonsu, called the architecture of the house has a long and distinguished stage height and has a staircase that can be removed and stored in order to alert the family in the house of ' Kayau 'or people who perform rituals Ngayau. In front of Rumbang Bulin have 'stumbled' the inscription on it is still contained human skull Ngayau who are victims of these rituals. It had stumbled in rehab in 1958, the so-called end times rituals Ngayau the Dayak.

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