Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sempu Island,Indonesia

Sempu Island is located on Blue Spring South Malang. The road to Blue Spring has been paved and the vehicle can pass. The trip to Blue Spring will pass Kepanjen. The road winding hill, right next to the left of the cliff and ravine. The trip is approximately 3 hours.
Blue Spring arguably the harbor as fishing boats and the fish auction. Its position was safe from the brunt of the waves because it was blocked by the Indian Ocean island of Sempu. To cross to the Island to Island Sempu used perahu.Menyeberang Sempu about half an hour. We will be deployed in a bay with the board "Sempu Island Nature Reserve Area", named Gulf Ants. Towards Segara Anak southwest through the trail is slippery because of argillaceous soil. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach the Segara Anak. Along the road can be heard the sound of waves crashing in the distance, and the sound of birds. Trees still thick and sturdy. It is said that a wide range of wild animals including wild boar, snakes, deer, monkey, various birds (rangkok, swallow, sea eagles),
Segara Anak is a saltwater lagoon or lake. The water in the lake comes from the hole in the rock overlooking the Indian Ocean. Waves fill the water in the lake. The surface of the lake water is very calm and height depend on the ocean tidal cycle.
Reefs in the back of the beach to climb and we will see directly the Indian Ocean. Panorana Indian Ocean is very fascinating.

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