Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rimba Raya Radio Monument,Aceh,Indonesia

Rimba Raya Radio Monument is a monument built to commemorate the history of Radio Rimba Raya who play a very large in defending Indonesia from Dutch aggression. The monument was inaugurated by Minister for Cooperatives / Head of Bulog, Bustanil Arifin on October 27, 1987 at 10:30 pm. The monument is situated in the village of Great Rime, Rime Door Gayo district, the central highlands. The monument is in addition to historic sites is also one of the interesting attractions to visit.

Historically, Rimba Raya Radio device was bought on John Lee (a mulatto Manado-China) that mediates the purchase of these radio devices. Rimba Raya Radio Equipment was bought in Malaysia and brought to the city Juang Bireuen. From the town of Bireuen, the device was taken to Koetaradja (Banda Aceh) and had assembled the components at the end of 1948, but had not yet aired, by the fighters in Aceh, a radio device that was brought to the village Rime Raya then enter sub Buck Elephant , Central Aceh.
Previously, the radio device is planned to be taken to the village Burni Stunning, sub Silih Nara. However, due to security conditions in the area was unsafe, the Dutch colonizers are monitoring the process of sending a radio device, then the equipment will be placed in the ward Rime Kingdom.
After passing uphill battle in establishing Radio Rimba Raya, finally in early December 2008, Radio airs Rimba Raya who preach that the Republic of Indonesia to the outside world still exists. From Radio Rimba Raya Aceh proclaimed the heroes of this message to other freedom fighters to continue fighting to defend the country from Dutch colonialism.

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