Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sundak Beach,Java,Indonesia

Sundak Beach, Asu and Urchin Fight which Reaping Blessing
Sundak Beach not only has a fascinating natural scenery, but also keeps the story. Name Sundak turns to experience evolution evidences can be traced geologically.
In order to know its evolution, visitors must know first edge condition Sundak beach then and now. On the western edge of the beach when they visit the mosque and there is empty space that is now used as a parking lot. While in the east there are caves that are formed from coral rock approximately 12 feet altitude. Entering the cave, will be found natural wells where people get fresh water.
Region described above before the year 1930 remained under sea. It is said that water to a region that is now built mosque, which form the rock caves were still under water. As the geological processes on the southern coast, the sea surface to shrink and the water is indented into the sea. The coral reef and the area around the mosque became the new land which people used the beach for economic activity to date.
There is a unique natural phenomenon of the activity that eventually became the starting point of naming this beach. If the rainy season arrives, many of the inland water flowing toward the ocean. As a result, the plain on the east coast divide to form a shape like a river. Water that flows like mbedah (splitting) of sand. When drought comes, parts of it disappear and come along with sea water carrying sand. Natural phenomenon is what causes the name of the beach into Wedibedah (sand split).
The name change took place some decades later. Around the year 1976, there is an interesting event. One afternoon, a dog was running around in coastal areas and entered the cave coral met a sea urchin. Because the hungry, the dog tried to eat the sea urchin escape but the sea urchin. There was a fight that ultimately won the dog managed to eat half of the body with sea urchin and out of the cave with pride. The act known to the owner of the dog, named Arjasangku, saw half of the sea urchin's body in a dog's mouth. Checking into the cave, it turns out the owner found the body of sea urchin and a half remaining. Well, since then, the name changed to Sundak Wedibedah, abbreviation of asu (dog) and porcupine.
No warning, the fight was a blessing for locals. After decades of water shortages, residents finally found a spring. Initially, the wonder dog owner that his dog out of the cave with dripping wet. The hypothesis, in the cave there is water and the dog had drowned while chasing porcupines. After some investigations, the prediction turned true. Be present, the water in a cave used for the purpose of life. From inside the cave, now installed pipes for connecting with people. The findings of this spring treat disappointment because of the well established residents were inundated by sea water.
Well, if conditions in 1930 just as was said above, can be estimated conditions for hundreds of years earlier. Of course very many organisms that utilize the bottom of the reef which is now a cave and the area that is now the mainland. Therefore, many archeologists believe that as a consequence of geological processes that exist, many marine organisms are left behind and piled up as fossils. What fossils are found, indeed up to now has not been much research reveals.
Besides offering a silent witness of history, Sundak also offers an enjoyable evening. You can enjoy the evening breeze while ordering raw fish to be grilled with friends. By paying a few thousand, you can buy wood for fuel. If lazy, just order a mature, so be ready to eat. What is clear, do not be confused to find a place to stay. Visitors can sleep anywhere, set up a tent, or just lying on the bench tonight stall if unused.

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