Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tamaddun from Aceh,Indonesia

Tamaddun derived from the Arabic word meaning maddana fostering an airport / city or community a person who has a civilization. Tamaddun words can mean to live in a society that increases the state forward. Other terms the same understanding with tamaddun is: Umrah, hadarah, madaniah. In English, the term is nearly equal to tamaddun is: "culture and civilization" or culture in the Malay language.
Tamaddun Aceh once glorious feast in the kingdom Peureulak, Ocean Pasee and the Iskandar Muda as a side effect rather than stability of the existing education system. Buket Cebrek shrine, shrine and Jami'ah Baiturrahman Cot Kala has successfully raised the Aceh Islamic civilization all over Southeast Asia. At that time also Aceh has many scholars, intellectuals, political experts, and traders familiar. In the kingdom of Aceh Pasee Peureulak and Oceans to develop Islam and Science to Pattani (Southern Thailand), Moro (Southern Philippines). Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Java.
While on the Al-Qahhar Aceh to establish a close international relations with European countries, especially once the region with Turkey. And at the time of Iskandar Muda into five large State Islamic superpower on earth. All of that becomes the important manifestation tamaddun and civilizations of the past for Naggroe Aceh Darussalam.
Aceh's past civilizations separated by Islamic hard, probably because he got up and jaya with advanced and glory of Islam in Aceh and Indonesia. As a complete and comprehensive religion, Islamic civilization has a system of deception and dignity. System has been down and blend in Aceh through the spread of Islamic civilization since the Peureulak, Ocean Pasee, the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam to the leadership of the ulama Pusa (All Aceh Ulama Association).

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