Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Satan Building, Surabaya,East Java,Indonesia

Satan Building
The building is located in Kampung Banyu Urip Wetan IA No. 107, Surabaya, this condition is old, dull white color, and less manicured. Some parts of the building actually looks worried.
In fact, two-story building covering an area of 400 square meters is inhabited by 40 households or about 150 souls. They lived in a building owned by a wealthy businessman who allegedly named Teng Kun Gwan has been passed down through generations since the Dutch Military Aggression II in 1948. Most of them from ethnic Chinese, some other Chinese-Javanese descent.
In this building, the residents share space with barriers gave way. Due to limitations, in fact there are spaces that are multifunctional. Some of the rooms of the owner look simple. There is one room on the second floor is used as a place of worship the people of the Church of Pentecost.
That said, the story said, the building was once inhabited by hundreds of birds swallow. To be safe bird's nest and not plundered, the building was then labeled with the sinister: the building of Satan. In addition, the building was once a complex persemayaman Chinese citizens and its location was in a complex with the Chinese cemetery. In fact, G30S PKI After the incident hit the homeland, the House of Satan is a place-bong bong China and gradually transformed into villages and homes.
Until now, the early inhabitants and their descendants still occupy the building. Beyond that, interesting stories revealed by Sastro Hadi Utomo, 72, one of the occupants in the building environment demons since he was 11 years old. He said, at the time of the Dutch Military Aggression II many ethnic Chinese residents who received and accommodated by Cung Cung Hwa Hwa, a Chinese citizen associations that existed at the time.
After the Dutch Military Aggression, Chinese citizens who live in this building were released. But most of them living there for generations until today. In fact, Teng Kun Gwan, the building owner who lives in Jl. Maj. Gen. Haryono 42 (Duck), Malang, vote and give mandate to the Hadi Utomo through the official power of attorney to manage and maintain the building. Once two people who claim descent Teng Kun Hadi Gwan visit to ensure the validity of the letter of authority, and they express the truth.
However, Satan has been the building of cultural heritage. Therefore, expectations, there is concern from various parties for not more miserable and damaged

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