Sunday, December 26, 2010

Waduk Babalan,Kudus,Central Java,Indonesia

Kudus is a district in Central Java province in the northern coastal strip east of CentralJava, namely between (Semarang-Surabaya). located 51 km east of Semarang.
On the east by Pati and the south by the County and District Grobogan Demak,Jepara and adjacent to the west.
In terms of antique buildings in addition to the familiar sanctuary of the Kudus Joglotraditional house which is famous for its carvings, sacred also have several other antique buildings that have historical value that was built since colonial times which are spread throughout the city's soup and porridge.
One of the other historic buildings that may be many Holy people do not know, namelyReservoir Babalan. Reservoir (dam) located in the hamlet village Babalan KalirejoUndaan district is one of the legacy of Dutch colonial buildings.
Form a distinctive Dutch colonial buildings and has a high historical value, ReservoirBabalan in addition to functioning as a means of irrigation and agricultural land asflood control for undaan and surrounding area, in fact Reservoir Babalan can alsofunctioned as tourist attractions.
By making attractions in addition will get additional revenue. Also to preserve thehistoric buildings which are increasingly endangered.
Do not let the historic buildings in the Kudus City of vanished history.

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