Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kolak Ayam Tradition from Gresik,East Java,Indonesia

Events compote Chicken Feast in Gresik Goemeno Mosque religious nuances held on each of 23 Ramadan (fasting month) or "Malem patlikur" (the night of twenty-four). And has lasted hundreds of years since the first event in 1451 AD. On that date the village community has a tradition of cooking compote Gumeno chicken or people there called "sanggring".
This tradition began when a propagator of Islam, Sunan Dalem his name, came to the Village Gumeno with the intention of proselytizing. He pioneered the establishment of a mosque in 1451 AD in the village. The mosque is now known as Masjid Jami 'Sunan Dalem.
After working hard to establish mosques and prepare new settlements in the village, suddenly fell ill Sunan Dalem. He ordered new residents who moved to become santrinya to find drugs. However, after every effort has been made, the pain does not go away. Finally, through "something magical" Sunan Dalem receives inspiration for his illness could be cured.
At the right moment, Sunan Dalem with the wise and prudent finally ordered the crowd gathered at the mosque with a rooster. Then he was asked to kill all the roosters that have been collected.
To some men also were ordered to prepare the spices for the recipes formulated by Sunan Dalem. Seasoning ingredients include sliced red onion into small pieces, brown sugar, cumin and coconut milk. To the citizens of Sunan Dalem announced that he was making recipes Sanggring, who was none other than Chicken compote.
Chicken that has been cut and has been weeded, just meat alone, "shredded-suwir" like people "nyuwiri" chicken meat to soup. Furthermore, chicken meat and processed using recipes from clay pots and materials from wood fuel combustion. Tradition until now, only men are in preparation and processing of chicken compote.
While waiting sanggring or compote cooked chicken, Sunan Dalem ordered residents to go home. Since that time, the fasting month to the residents ordered to return to the mosque in the afternoon at the time of breaking fast with the rice and sticky rice.
Sure enough, the evening was right on 23 Ramadan, Sunan Dalem together Gumeno citizens break the fast at the mosque with a special menu that is sanggring or compote chicken. So if there is now opening the show together, it could be following in the footsteps that have been done by citizens Gumeno Sunan Dalem.
After breaking the fast together with a menu of chicken compote Sunan Dalem then announced that he recovered from his illness. However, Sunan Dalem still say that his recovery is nothing but thanks to the guidance and aid of Allah SWT.
As an expression of gratitude to the citizens of Sunan Dalem Desa intestate Gumeno for each dated 23 Ramadan, usually called "Malem patlikur", for ditradisikan make compote chicken. Thus since the first event in 1451 AD until now always celebrated the tradition of chicken compote Village District Gumeno Manyar Gresik Regency.

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