Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tradisi Malam Pertama,Gorontalo,Sulawesi,Indonesia

In the area of Gorontalo, according to the stories of old people, had adopted a habit that may be also considered customary at that time. Habits that have been passed down through generations and is now missing, which the groom must rest a piece of white cloth under his wife's body. Traditional ground white cloth under the bride's body during the first night, has an important meaning. It's as proof to the groom that his wife is really still a virgin or had never been touched before.
Perhaps this evidence did not refer to the biological sciences related to the female hymen, because one sign that is still a virgin bride when it was first marital relationship and he will bleed. So when her husband found the blood in white cloth, then that is proof that he touched his wife's first.
Not only that, in the morning, the groom will sungkem to the law while showing a white cloth pengalas. As an omen it was he who first got the sanctity of their daughter. This will bring pride and honor for parents and family of the woman that her child is still sacred. Other interesting things that is unbeknownst to the bride and groom, the parents of the bride would place an old woman (grandmother) who came from the family of a woman under the bed bride. This means that the old woman would have under the bed when the first procession last night. It has a meaning as follows:
Grandma will be a witness if the groom on the night
violence or mengkasari first wife.
Grandma will be a witness if the bride does not want
serve the rights of her husband.
grandmother would act as a mediator if that happened to both families would not make love, but a fight.
The next day, grandma will be reported to the bride's parents about what happened last night at the bride and groom. If good, then predicted their marriage will be lasting, whereas in case things are not better then the old lady would give such a recommendation for the bride and groom do not have to be united again.
The tradition of the first night with a white cloth and grandmother under the bed the first night of the bridal procession took place during this time have not ever carry it out. Development of the age be a factor. When the old days people knew that the size of virginity was seen whether the bride to bleed on the first night or not.
But since science, especially concerning a woman's hymen is becoming more sophisticated so has to be explained that could be a girl's virginity is lost without any relationship with anyone.
Maybe as a child never had an accident or the like that make hymen broken even if a woman's hymen can be thick, then the hymen will not be easily penetrated during the first night.
This tradition has remained a story of old people who never experienced it before.

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