Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ndalem Gebang,Blitar,East Java,Indonesia

Ndalem Gebang (House residence Bung Karno) is the house where lived an old man Bung Karno. The house is located not far from the Tomb of Bung Karno approximately 2 km to the south, precisely on Jalan Sultan Agung No. Blitar 69. This house is actually owned by the father of Sukarmini Poegoeh Wardoyo husband, elder brother of Bung Karno.
Apart from these two parents are occupied by Bung Karno, The Proclaimers in this place also had lived when periods of adolescence. There are so many memories etched into the Bung Karno Blitar. As he was on the afternoon of habit who like a walk in the 'Bon Rojo' and out into the village in Bendogerit. Throughout the trip is always followed by children and adolescents, while singing songs and joking. The longer the amount of accompaniment that becomes "small army" of Bung Karno's more and more. Casual event such usually ends up in ndalem Gebang sunset. At home the event is held each year who visited Haul people, as well as many arts events enliven the haul.

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