Saturday, September 25, 2010

Telaga Ngipik,Gresik,East Java,Indonesia

Cool atmosphere, quiet, comfortable instantly felt when I got the sights Giri Tirta Wana. Near the main road entering the village Ngipik pass road leading down to the lake, we can look at the expanse of the wide blue green water. Overland travel fatigue more than an hour from the city of Surabaya was immediately vanished.
In simple stalls along the path, found many local travelers to spend long hours staring at man-made attractions that, while sipping coffee with delicious. The wind blew fresh breeze add to the atmosphere. Inhaling air hilly town of Gresik make the joints and the body becomes more fit and peace of mind.
Giri Tirta wana more popular by the name Ngipik Lake is one of the resorts are managed by PT Swabina Gatra slick, one of PT Petrokimia Gresik Group since 2002. Name giri wana Tirta adopted from the characteristics of the location of lake Ngipik. Among Kebesaaran of Sunan Giri Giri means that his tomb is located in the town of Gresik. Wana means that forests and trees that surround this resort, and Tirta which means water, intentionally used because the present lake Ngipik which has the element of water.
The Government of Gresik Regency Lake Tours also makes Ngipik and Giri Tirta Wana as a source of local revenue the tourism sector. However, over time, the resorts are located in the middle of the petrochemical industrial area of PT Gresik, neglected its management.
In front of the gate when entering the sights of this, none seen a billboard that reads the Tour Lake Ngipik, Giri Tirta Wana. It had a direct impact on the lack of recognition of this tourist attractions to the public. The management explained that the installation of a tourist, for reasons of tax financing has not been taking care of the area.
If you simply want to enjoy the panorama of the lake, the pier's water skiing sports groups can also be visited. From this pier, visitors can see the cool lake water, especially in the morning or late afternoon.

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