Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pasar Bandeng,Gresik,East Java,Indonesia

Usually held two days before Eid takbiran night. To welcome Idul Fitri, the market town of Gresik sold fresh fish dead persons (taken) from the pond. Of milkfish milkfish moderate to large size or kawak. Special kawak milkfish was given a special place of the auction stage. Milkfish kawak one fish weighing 10 kg could achieve more. And because the auction, the price could reach millions of dollars.
 Milkfish Markets associated with travel history of Sunan Giri on the last night of Ramadan. At that time, Sunan Giri Kebomas continued their journey to a Market Gresik mushalla around now. Followers of Sunan Giri, amounting to a lot of it then makes a supposedly impromptu market many fish trade in Milkfish.
 In addition, there is also a thought that the tradition of Milk Market was started from habit Gresik society, who have confidence that the banding represents one's prestige in the community structure. Therefore, many people who love to eat milkfish Gresik, especially before the holidays. the greater the milk is consumed, the higher the prestige in the eyes of society. However, because the large number of milkfish diminishing the influence of weather, water conditions affected by pollution, then the auction is the right choice for people who want to consume large milkfish.
 There also are convinced that the market Milkfish has been made since the beginning of the city of Gresik formed. And there is also a state that, this party is the culture of the Dutch invaders introduced to pacify the natives Gresik from the desire to rebel.
 During this activity Milkfish Markets still promoted only limited regional market, through the media and tourism ambassador. He promised to promote more intensive milkfish Market to market dunia.Di East Java, Gresik, including areas where land is less fertile for farming, since most are located in the lowlands. Therefore, Gresik not rely too much on agriculture as its superior. However, soil conditions were very favorable for agricultural ponds.

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