Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Manambang Tradition,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Every time Lebaran, one of which awaited the children in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, is `manambang ', a tradition carried out after Eid prayers.
Manambang is an activity in groups of children visiting the homes of citizens to stay in touch with the hopes of getting holiday allowances from the host.
Their entourage vary, there are five to eight people, there is even a dozen in number because of the children, after Eid prayers Firti have agreed to go together.
The children, leaving not accompanied by their parents, only the same age group. Up front door of the house residents who become the target, still did not escape greeting, Assalamu `alaikum.
The owner of the house, did not escape to answer conveyed greetings troupe of children who visit it. When he was told to enter the host, a group of children also were served drinks and cakes widths.
In addition to stay in touch, school-age children kindergarten and elementary school, also introduced himself to the unknown host.
The children were first treated to a meal of soft drinks and cakes widths, such as onion cakes, eggs and nuts tujin as well as other types. But, there is also a neglect of dishes because of waiting for money from the host.
When a group of children was farewell to homeowners, there is also the host opened the bag and distribute the money. There are coins and bills, 1000 and 2,000 rupiah recently.
In fact, there are also groups of children who manambang it, do not go into the house we were visiting and just shaking hands and inner lahin apologize in front of the door with the host while giving money.
Results manambang money for children in the city of Padang, is because they can target hundreds of homes visited, not only in the vicinity of the complex where they lived.
Residents who visited a group of children who wished pitih Rayo, felt happy because the money receran already prepared before Lebaran.
In addition, routine manambang tradition every year, he added, an opportunity also to share with fellow Muslims over the derived sustenance.

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