Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tradisi Keramas Bersama,Banyumas,Java,Indonesia

Many traditions are carried in several local residents in welcoming the holy month of Ramadan. As did the number of mothers Village District Kracak Ajibarang Banyumas, Central Java, for example. They perform rituals in the River Kawung clean themselves the way along the river wash. But this is different with shampooing shampooing in general.
To maintain their ancestral tradition, shampooing is done by using straw or rice straw ash from the burnt dry. In addition to maintaining the tradition, shampooing with a straw is also intended for these mothers hair looks black, shiny and clean during ramadhan month later.
Before shampooing together, they first burned a bunch of dry rice straw which they had prepared. Once burned, the ashes of rice straw or straw is then filtered in the bucket. Straw is then used together to shampooing.
With this self-purification, residents hope to implement the fasting month of Ramadan with a pure heart and sincere. In addition, the purification itself by shampooing with it also considered a form of togetherness Kracak Village residents. 

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