Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Batu "Dootomo" di Bukit Megalitik Tutari

A stone in Tutari megalithic sites, the Old doyo Jayapura District has a pair of shield scratches and carvings typical motof they call the Old doyo yoniki. 

If the women in the house heard the sign of the four stone, meaning they must be ready to greet the hunters. 

Sacred story being told by generations that seem to come set the attitude and actions of its citizens until there is special treatment for the four "figure" of natural stone, between the scattering of neat small-large natural stones other. 

Four stone is believed to be "representative of the people." Four main boulder that seemed to represent four Ondoafi, aka tribe, in doyo Lama, the EBE, Pangkatana, Trustee, and Yapo. 

To be sure, the four stone which allegedly came from Mae was given a tin-roofed shack. The size is approximately 2-3 times the adult body. The location is also adjacent to the fourth stone. At first glance, the four limestone or karst "elected" was no different than the other stones that were strewn on the Mount Tutari, where Tutari Megalithic sites, doyo Lama. 

In a number of other stones at the site of complex-shaped white streaks seen fish and turtles. "Both are the easiest animals found in Lake Sentani. Of the 562 families in doyo Lama, nearly all residents are still living as fishermen. 

One other large stone located in a corner. So great, to the point that this stone can hide the man behind his back. The uniqueness of the stone is not only size, but he also has small dots berderetan. A longitudinal line was drawn between the composition. 

White color in the stone was the result of scratches, the basic colors of white limestone until it looks clear. However, the society estimates of these signs of friction rock formed by their ancestors. 

"Dootomo" and "mietomo" 

A part of this site locations by the ancestors functioned as a cemetery. Knee-high rocks adults arranged vertically with a number of small stones around a vertical rock. There are dozens of similar composition. 

This is called dootomo, or stone (cemetery) man, Dootomo Tutori located on the Mount. Landscape in the direction of Lake Sentani and residential communities is obvious from the place. Under dootomo, there mietomo (stone / cemeteries women). The composition of stones in mietomo much different from dootomo. Rounded pebbles of volleyball in mietomo arranged in rows forming one straight line. 

On the slopes of the hills near the shore of Lake Sentani is currently least remaining evidence of the cultural tradition of large stones, megalithic. Boulder-strewn small neat all thought to have originated from the same period. 

So was the rest of scratches and marks of different strokes in the form of images "similar" fish, tortoises or turtles, turtles, reptiles or ornamental motifs in the style of the artificial distillation estimated past, at some point. Scattering of upright stones are small menhir menhirs, standing upright. 

From a quick observation, orderly rows of upright stones limestone small size there alleged a typical small menhir menhir-site "big rock" aka megalithic. Tutari megalithic complex now has a sacred or mythological stories associated with the origin story of the supernatural and the "human". It is not strange if also created the origin story of our ancestors were citizens of the Old doyo folklorik and interpretation, including the "rumor hunters." 

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