Monday, April 26, 2010

Sayyang Patudu Tradition from West Sulawesi,Indonesia

Sayyang Pattudu (dancing horses), so the public interest Mandar, West Sulawesi mention the event in order to be grateful for children who khatam (finished) the Qur'an. For tribal Mandar tamatnya their children to read 30 Juz Al-Quran is something very special, so be grateful in particular with the customary feast Sayyang Pattudu. This party is typically held once a year, coinciding with the month of Mawlid / Rabi 'ul-Awwal (Hegira calendar). Attraction of the party showing an ornate horse that dances while saddled with the kids who follow the event.

For society Mandar, khatam Al-Quran and customary events Sayyang Pattudu has close ties with one another. This event is still preserved them well, even Mandar tribe community who resided outside of West Sulawesi will voluntarily return to his hometown to attend the event. Up customary party had been going on long enough, but no one knows for sure when it was first implemented. Traces of history that shows the early implementation of activity until now has not been detected by historians and community leaders.
Peak khatam Al-Quran ceremony to hold a traditional feast Sayyang Pattudu has its own charm. This event diramaikan with horse procession around the village driven by children who have completed a khatam Al-Quran. Every child riding a horse that has been decorated in such a manner. The horses are also trained to follow the rhythm of the party and be able to walk while you dance to the accompaniment of music, beat tambourines, and a string of rhymes that accompany typical Mandar such pageantry.
When sitting on a horse, the participants who took part Sayyang Pattudu will follow the prevailing standard ordering systems were hereditary. In Sayyang Pattudu, participants sat with one leg bent back, knees facing forward, while the other leg bent with knee facing upward and your foot rests on horseback. With a position like that, participants were accompanied to their balance is maintained when the horse dance. Participants will follow the rhythm Sayyang Pattudu bend are canting horses that danced with a raised half his body upward as he wiggled his feet and shook his head in order to create a harmonious and captivating movement.
When the show is running gala, hosted and women busy preparing the various dishes and cakes to be distributed to the guests. The living room is filled with a variety of dishes presented on a tray ready to spoil the taste of the guests who come to the event.
Sayyang customary feast is usually held in the Village Pattudu Karama, District Tinambung, Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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