Monday, April 26, 2010

Fishing Tradition from Suku Dayak Punan,Kalimantan,Indonesia

This is the Punan Dayak people. They are known as cruisers. In East Kalimantan, Berau regency, they can be found in a number of villages in Upper River region Segah. 

Punan Dayak residents depend heavily on forest resources. They use rattan, resins, and fish in the river for daily living. 

Trip to Kampung Punan Dayak through forested areas. The scenery is very beautiful. Montane forests and forest ecosystems by the river, this dikawasn still looks beautiful and maintained. 

One residence is Kampung Punan Dayak Long Oking, in the Upper River region Segah. Travel to this kawasn travel time from Cape Redeb 6 hours, capital of Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. 

The trip then continued down the river flow by using ketingting Segah. 
Ketingting is a small wooden motor boat into the river transportation typical of Borneo. 
Long Oking inhabited village about 20 heads of families. Here you can find Dayak women with large earrings in his ears. Number of studs indicating the amount of their life after marriage. 

Most residents here livelihoods of farming and gold pan. There was also working as a boat maker. Today the village of Long Oking residents celebrate holiday weekend or so-called poll-on, with a picnic together. 
One of the activities is fishing in the River upstream Segah. At predetermined locations, residents make fire from wood, using a dry twig. 

The river water is very clear, so the fish are easy to see from the surface. Men are in charge of catching fish. there who use nets. 

There also are using spears. Some even use special equipment such as arrows. Some types of fish to get. There are fish Sapan, Palau fish, fish and fish munjuk teleweng. Everything is typical of inland fish in East Kalimantan. 

Fish catches and then burned on the riverbank. Once cooked, eaten together. 

Fishing together on the weekends is a citizen of entertainment here. This continued the tradition as well as Dayak Punan community that has lasted from generation to generation.

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