Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Landong Barong Dance,Bali,

Landung Barong Dance is one of the traditional arts of Bali are unique compared with various other art performances.
Landung Barong Dance is based on the integral form of the show and thick interwoven with elements of folk art and cultural values in the area where the dance is located.
Barong Landung belong to the art form dramatari with a different style from one area to another area, which has its own allure.
The diversity of styles included in the Barong Landung capable of delivering the arts to be a show that was very impressive, exciting and unique,
Each performance arts ceremony that always comes with certain offerings in accordance with their respective indigenous community supporters. Therefore Barong Landung art can be classified as art, sacred art or guardian if the terms of its function.
Even the kind of performances that are still active in some districts until now relatively few in number, because it stands to reason that not all districts have the arts in Bali Barong Landung.

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