Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tradisi Kawin Lari dari Suku Sasak,Indonesia

If you are in Lombok and wanted to marry the girl, take it away without telling his family, when one day no news last night it was thought she was already married! 

Stealing a knight to marry more than asking the parents. But there are rules in the stealing of tribal girls in the island of Lombok. 

It is quite unique from the native Sasak tribe people in the island province of Nusa Tenggara Barat. To match this family affair delivered all of the children, if they had liked each other, no need to wait longer to marry, steal the girl child, must be married. stole the girl's family is more acceptable. Merarik vernacular term to refer to the marriage process by way of theft. The trick is quite simple, if they liked each other and there is no coercion of another party, the girl's idol was not necessary to tell his parents. If you want to get married immediately wrote take her away and not have to izin. Kidnapping girl running from the house a wedding procession that is more honorable than to ask the parents. 

There was a knight who is embedded if this process through. Moreover noble class who were there then and Raden holds. But do not forget the rules, steal the girl and rushed usually done by bringing some relatives or friends. Besides as a witness brought relatives to steal as well as her accompanist in the procession. 

And the girl should not be taken directly to his home, must be entrusted to a male relative. After a day spend the male relatives to send a messenger to the family of the woman as a notification that the daughter stolen and is now in one place but a place to hide her secret, her family should not be caught. Nyelabar, the vernacular term for the notification, and was conducted by relatives of the man but the man's parents are not allowed to participate. Nyelabar entourage consists of more than 5 people and obliged to wear traditional dress. Entourage can not directly come perempuan.Rombongan family first requested permission to Kliang or local indigenous elders, just a feeling tribute to kliang, come any existing party rules is not allowed to enter the house party girl. They sat cross-legged on the front yard, a messenger from the group that later as spokesman notice. It's a unique culture which in Sasak tribe but there is now a cultural shift Merarik, such as the procession to ask the parents and engaged previously not known by the Sasak tribe. But as the cultural development of communities outside of the nomads who came and settled Acculturation Culture started happening. Thus was born the term had been married but has not been customary marriage. It means marriage procession was done by hand in marriage but are not married Merarik, stolen from the house of the woman. This emerging Cultural Acculturation, proposed to the girl child and stole procession nikan run together. 

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