Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cuci Parigi Tradition from Maluku,Indonesia

BANDA Naira. 
Parigi Wash Heritage Tradition, commonly known by the State ROFAERWAR Lonthoir, Central Maluku district of Banda Naira absorbing local and foreign tourists. Conducted 10 annual tradition is attracting people from various regions including the people of Maluku, Sulawesi and Java. There was also a tourist from various countries took part in a tradition that is filled with magical nuance. From our monitoring in the port of Ambon Yos Sudarso on Saturday afternoon, thousands of tourists from different regions and communities of Banda descent followed by Boat cruise Pelni KM Ciremai to Banda naira. Do not miss the hundreds of tourists from foreign countries also took part in the voyage. 
In approximately seven hours the ship arrived in Banda Naira. There was also a number of cruise ships from foreign countries took part in the Waters of Banda Naira. This tradition is interesting whenever practicable, visited tens of thousands of visitors from different regions and various countries. As information Parigi weapon which has a unique story of the land of Banda Naira is Lonthoir Parigi (Well) located on top of a hill and has a water source that is very soothing. The wells were observed carefully if it looks like the cat's head. Magical stories from the wells, if the water dried at one time there will be a huge disaster that will befall one of the country or world. Wallahualam. In the procession, Parigi Heritage washed using elephant fabric - white cloth 99 feet long - and should be moved - by all those present at the time - to the beach. In addition Wash Tradition Parigi still there are a number of traditional activities such as the Kora-kora Race (Belang) and several other activities, including "kasnai chief mosque" which carried out several days before ROFAERWAR.

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