Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mentandik dan Nirok Nanggok tradition from Belitung,Indonesia

Two traditions of the dry season, and nirok nanggok mentandik Belitung popular community. In a ceremony nirok nanggok, literary form of incantations spoken by a shaman who led the procession nirok nanggong. Titi nanggok Nirok Jemang for seven days and seven nights starting Wednesday. The first day, along with leaders of indigenous communities implement Muang upset, nebas location and make huts called ruyong pundok. Cottage construction that uses no nails but the rope was tied berebat, though strong enough to accommodate many people at the top. (kitchen sink) also completed. 

The second day, no activities except to review the location of modest, Top of the third day, after prayers Friday, a few people led by two village shaman (Parang Bulo and Kembiri) with a slurry containing sumak ruby, white porridge, pancakes and fish taken from Lemong Titi Jemang. Sumak, a kind of proposal that no disclaimer on nanggok nirok Lemong Titi Jemang considered haunted. After nyumak people started staying in the cabins. 

On the fourth day, people started coming in large numbers, the day was calm despite the long dry season, the night presented a variety of entertainment from a single organ to measles land. Disappeared from the haunted atmosphere of the mind. Titi nanggok nirok peak Jemang take place on Sunday (fifth day) was chosen and agreed upon leaders. Invitations were then deployed. 

Unfortunately this tradition is not presented  periodically with certainty. After nirok nanggok (sixth day) there are no more people are looking for fish, desolate, except for certain specified committees Shaman Kembiri Kampung, Kampung interspace Bulo Shaman, Shaman and Shaman Gunong Aik. Kik Tapot convince people that nothing would disturb, including growers, as well as vice versa. 
On the seventh day, the people allowed to take the fish back Lemong Jemang Titi. Nirok nanggok is called nyeco second time. Indigenous peoples have the flow of shamanism Belitong Equivalent Teachers and Angels. Once again Kik Tapot hope all respect each other and maintain the balance of nature. 

At the peak of the event, the people who did not bring tirok tanggok or come just to watch the Lemong cornucopia Jemang Titi. No one would dare start unless the village shaman's permission. Only after the village shaman fell into a fenced area boundary sticks, hitting the water surface with tirok to the left, into the middle and to right and say your prayers, incantations, nirok nanggok can commence. 

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