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Sangkulirang Cave,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Sangkulirang area in East Kalimantan is a karst area with a lot of wonderful natural caves and interesting to explore. The caves were located deep in the forest area which is still included Ambulabung Pangadan Village area. To reach this village really needed the time and amount of costs, in addition to an adequate course of physical endurance. From Samarinda, the trip can be reached by two ways, namely via the water or land. 

For the water route, the time that it takes about two days. On the way, many interesting things that can be witnessed, such as ships carrying timber and mining, and crocodile river famous for its ferocity. When the landline of choice, hire a car from Samarinda. This method is preferred because it can be faster. But its cost is also greater. This trip takes about seven hours and passed Sangatta mining town, which is also the district capital. 

From Pangadan, we travel again to reach the mouth of the cave. This time using a rental truck as far as 31 km, and followed by walking for nine hours, crossing the dense lowland forest and swamp areas. Be prepared to spend the night on the road. And when that happens, the usual cottage inhabited by deer hunters could be utilized and will be a special experience. 

Actually, you can rent a motor boat ketingting or small. This is indeed a very effective way to shorten the time. But, besides, expensive, any way it turns out does not guarantee you can be at the mouth of the cave with the smooth. Because, if Baay River is receding, then walk down to the mouth of the cave remains to be done. 

After a weary struggle, a shaded and pleasant plains around the mouth of Cave Ambulabung very feasible as the base camp. High cliffs towering into the natural umbrella and protect from rain. No wonder, the land here is always dry and become the location of the right to drive tired. The river flowed to the mouth of the cave which also should watch Baay. Flock lizards often come to bask on rocks in the morning. 

Daytime is the right time to launch a search in the cave Ambulabung. But be prepared for wet from the river that runs through the cave entrance. For safety's sake, wear a vest too. Do not forget to include cameras, camcorders or other electronic equipment into waterproof bags and place these items on a bamboo raft made to help the movement. After passing the river, a large room with an area of more than 1000 m2 is waiting. Although the atmosphere is somewhat dark, this room turned out to directly open to the sky with a sandy floor. This shows that the vertical tunnel turned out to be another entrance to the Cave Ambulabung. 

On the slippery walls, the hallway looks much mysterious unknown exactly where it goes. Tracing the hallways were very heavy and take a long time. Because in addition to climbing, the caver also need to drill to install safety devices. In another corner, there is another hallway which flowed a rushing river. If not equipped with adequate equipment, do not enter it. Fatal accidents could happen. However, do not be discouraged. Still there are a number of safe passage to be searched. One is a 40 m-deep vertical tunnel Corridor approximately 50 m in diameter is similar to Luweng Musuk in Pacitan, East Java and is very challenging. 

There are still many other caves tempting. For example Cave The dew, which if still connected with Ambulabung disusuri. Cave Cave Ambulabung this indicates that the cave is not singular but rather a cave system that has several entrance. Bejo Cave is also interesting to navigate. Name-rich cave swallow nest was taken from a resident owner of the cave. Unlike the previous two caves, Cave Bejo was short enough so that exploration can take place quickly, just one day. 

Kedulang Cave, and Cave Kecabe Mapala which was situated some distance away, were three other caves waiting to be explored. Before reaching the caves, you will also find caves and Liang Mato Short Canal. There is also a huge cave in which there is fossil river known as the Cave Juned. On one of his entrance, there is desert ankle with a charming giant flowstone on the roof. The name itself is taken Mapala Cave UI Mapala name as the first team to enter this cave. This team also gave the name to two caves 'virgin' other, namely Barongtongkok and RPT. 

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