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Kebo keboan tradition from Java,Indonesia

Harvest season arrives, the results were overwhelming. Time to spread the tradition of gratitude on the Kuasa.Warga Alasmalang Village, District Sigojuruh, Banyuwangi regency, East Java, the majority work as farmers held a customary clean-keboaan Kebo village. In that event, held along the street carnival culture in rice fields, villages and rural areas, with the symbol kebo (buffalo) who demonstrated the local villagers. 
Kebo-keboan cultural tradition is a form of gratitude for the local villagers on the Authorization. Because they believe the abundant harvests to be grateful, to the distress was not hit. 
Also a local community effort, to not forget the relationship between man and nature and other living things must remain intertwined. As delivered from Kebo-keboan own. 
Decorate various crops in each village road. To get an impression atmosphere rice fields, the streets were mixed with the soil water flowed. 
With figures led by local custom, ritual-keboan kebo festivity began with 12 cone and a prayer in the main village road. A total of 18 human buffalo entirely of men paraded around the four corners of the village. This procession is called the ider bumi,. 
Before ider bumi done, the man was dimakeup like buffalo buffalo. Charcoal smeared all over their body plus black wig with horns. Do not forget the black wooden bell hung around the neck like a buffalo. And they are bathed in water sources not far from the local village. 
Usually, after they bathed was unconscious because the village watchman possessed magical creatures. Afterward, the trainer gives tapung fresh buffalo in order to avoid the things that no longer desired on the buffalo. 
Using traditional music accompanied the procession during ider earth. One pair of buffalo will be guarded one farmer. Because, sometimes man-made buffalo began unclean spirit was behaving like a real buffalo. 
Kebo or buffalo purposely chosen to be the symbol that represents, because buffalo are always considered animals to help rice farmers in managing the population. Because buffalo-style loyalty tirelessly to serve humans in processing the earth's, a logic one is reversed, as has been described with the makeup and behavior of tub made of buffalo Alasmalang villagers. 
Interestingly, the behavior of people who act like a buffalo that appeared similar to a real buffalo. There are berlenggak-swing, some wailing, and those that are trying to plow the audience. Like when they are violent if you see people who try to interfere with a girl who was visualized as Dewi Sri, the goddess of fertility. 
The ritual ends with a procession of plowing and sowing seeds of rice. This became seizure of rice seed residents. Because the opposition is believed to produce a more abundant again. No wonder people desperate scramble should be pursued even buffalo. If caught the body of citizens that will be immersed into the fields. 
Alasmalang Villagers believe, Kebo-keboan first time held about 300 years ago by the village elders called Buyut Karti. 
At that time, the harmony of life Alasmalang villagers suddenly destroyed due to the arrival pagebluk or deadly plague. Narrated, within a few hours, many villagers who suddenly died. 
Immediately Buyut Karti considered sacred, obtained wangsit to perform the ritual Kebo-keboan be held on 10th of Muharram (Islamic month) or 10 Suro (in Java). 
The ritual begins with salvation in the four corners of the village, planting crops at the entrance gate and the village of 12 cone worshiped. The ritual concludes with ider village (around the village) by-keboan kebo. After doing the ritual, pagebluk suddenly disappeared. 
The figure of a buffalo (the animal) in the Kebo-keboan became the core of this tradition. Unfortunately no one can answer, why the number of actors-keboan kebo be 18 and played by indigenous Alasmalang own village.

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