Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Washing The Sea Tradition from Bengkulu,Indonesia

Old tradition ever held in Bengkulu like procession to the sea washing will be promoted back to earn a livelihood once the package tourism to increase tourist arrivals in the province.
Wash the sea or washing the beach has long been grown in the coastal community of Bengkulu. However, later disappeared and started back in 2010 was held. Habits are conducted every year as a tradition of coastal residents who always believed that fishermen can catch an abundance of fish increased as a result received from the ruler of the sea. The tradition of coastal residents are more attracting foreign tourists, because it contains a high cultural value prior Bengkulu. At this year's event prioritize increasing local and international tourist traffic.
To support cultural activities that coastal residents, Kebidayaan and Tourism Department will submit a request in the form of a proposal to the Provincial Government activities (province) Bengkulu. It is expected that funds will be assisted or simplify the licensing process.
All activities that support the program will receive special attention from local governments, because tourism is a new flagship program for the province of Bengkulu in the future.

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