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Perang Obor Tradition from Jepara,Central Java,Indonesia

Annual Tegalsambi Village district of Jepara regency there was a tradition or ritual that is still in the "uri-uri" perpetuity of the war torches. But for the villagers, these ritual Tegal Sambi as custody and also rejects the villagers shower scene after the rice harvest, so that years coming years all the residents still get the fortune from the Almighty. 
War is called the torch because people who follow this ritual entered the war (hit hit) using a torch made of dried palm leaf midrib and dried banana leaves. Residents who had the duty as a soldier who will fight an option that residents have to be brave and not afraid of fire. At this year's torch party committee has assigned 30 Tegal sambi villagers to become combat troops. 
Village Secretary Tegal Sambi, Muhsin, said that for this year, the celebration of the torch of war is not held on the month in Javanese calendar Dhulhijah or Arab. Because, in that month the weather was often wet and worried when the torch of war held celebrations will occur rain 
Each rolls midrib of palm leaf and dry banana leaves, the estimated worth of USD 10 thousand. So to make 200 rolls, the committee spent about Rp 2 million. 
This torch of war, is a cultural attraction that has been handed down, which must be preserved. Because in addition to a regional cultural traditions, as well as an expression of gratitude to God for the abundant harvest of grace to the community. Read more stories of this torch of war is as follows: 
Formerly in the Village Tegalsambi there was a wealthy farmer named Mbah Babadan. These farmers have a lot of livestock. In fact, so large number of livestock owned, Mbah Babada could not even pet-animals alone. Finally, a villager named Ki Gemblong volunteered to maintain the cattle Mbah Babadan. The deal was done and began raising livestock Ki Gemblong Mbah Babadan. 
Ki Gemblong cleverness to keep cattle proved fruitless. In a short time which maintained the number of cattle had increased, even virtually folds and body fat. 
Seeing the success of the kinds of livestock, Mbah Babadan also very excited. He continues to thank and praise Ki Gemblong. 
On one day, Ki Gemblong animals graze their livestock on the riverbank. Ki Gemblong suddenly surprised because the river was a lot of fish. Seeing so many fish in the river is clear that, even Gemblong Ki stomach suddenly clenched hungry. Ki Gemblong even eat the fish by burning. 
Once grilled fish taken from the river chewed, Ki Gemblong absurdly surprised. Because it feels good to eat fish at all. Ki Gemblong was addicted. 
Since then, every day Ki Gemblng always herded their livestock to the river bank and he just left the animal herds. Ki Gemblong fun to catch, burn and eat the flesh of fish, livestock animals while truly forgotten. Until one day, animals that which took care by  Ki Gemblong be skinny even a lot of pain and then die. 
This event finally came Mbah Babadan, then Ki Gemblong was summoned to face. Apparently angry to see Mbah Babadan act, Ki Gemblong. Mbah Babadan immediately took a bunch of dried coconut leaves and set fire to the torch. With the torch's Mbah Babadan repeatedly hitting his head Gemblong Ki. Feeling sick, Ki Gemblong get up and fight with the torch as well. 
It turns out that hit the torch sparks-Tap your two men were in the burning hay in the barn. Cattle pen that was eventually burned and livestock belonging Babadan Mbah a sick and skinny ran helter-skelter in fear. After the burning of the cage next to the cows fat and healthy. 
Since then, the village of Tegalsambi sure that the disease is necessary to drive the torch-Oboran Tradition. These processions are still often held a series of ceremonies as close Tegalsambi Earth Village. 
War torch at night quite festive, besides attended by all the villagers, officials of district citizens also come to see the richness of the war surrounding this fire. Meriahnya Too often fire from the torch was sprinkled on the body forces the audience that makes or burns, but oddly enough it can be healed wound with a special medicine from coconut oil potions and special material from the village of Tegal Sambi enough just smeared it. 

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