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Ritual Undhuh Undhuh,Java,Indonesia

Undhuh Undhuh Tradition 
Starting From the offerings at Dewi Sri 
Bring something, whether it be in the form of materials - goods or money, and non-material, both in the forms of energy, or mind, of course, in harmony with the Word of God. This is a form of thanksgiving to God for all the blessings that have been delegated to his people and has so far been ditipkan to us. Likewise, the church conducted by the East Java Christian Church (GKJW) Kediri this congregation. But there is one interesting story behind the ritual sacrifice by society given the name of the Christian java-undhuh undhuh. 
  In the church GKJW kediri, exactly on Jl. Diponegoro was, had long ago made a ritual sacrifice called undhuh-undhuh this. Even until now no such rituals are still very well preserved and cared for their existence. GKJW kediri, as well as churches in East Java sedenominasi which is generally located in predominantly agricultural areas, such as Mojowarno region, Sidorejo etc., most of the congregation's livelihood as farmers. So they give offerings to God and take it to church too often the result of the earth. 
While the reasons why many churches (old) located in Java is generally located on the east is an agricultural area because of the existence of specific policies regarding land use rights in the reign of the Dutch government. Dutch government intentionally opened the forest to establish a township. And whoever wants to stay in place must comply with agreements already made by the Dutch government. Anyone who uses the open land, as compensation, required to be a Christian. 
Return to tradition-undhuh undhuh earlier, this tradition originated from the ancient traditions of Javanese people who are used to give offerings to Dewi Sri is believed to give fertility to the lands of farmers, so as an utterance of gratitude, the community set aside some of the crops to dedicated to Dewi Sri . That tradition later by the servants of God among the churches GKJW used (changed) so that the tradition of offerings that Christian, certainly also in harmony with God's command to give offerings. 
Dedication of the land that was once taken to the fields to dihaturkan to Dewi Sri, it was eventually moved to the church, to be submitted to Gusti Jesus, they worshiped. Usually the rice of choice as a society, undhuh undhuh, so that in earlier times the church has always had a good church barn to store grain, undhuh undhuh results from earlier. And any time can also be taken if necessary. Over time, the barn to store the results undhuh-undhuh it was no longer applicable. Because the offerings of the earth no longer lasting results are stored, instead, so they held an auction earlier crops. Thus saving the church offerings had been only in the form of money alone. 
The principle is the same, the results of the auction will go into a typical church to church operations. In addition, the designation auction result was also used as a secondary funds to assist church building project. GKJW kediri the reservoirs have existed since the 1900s is still the same as GKJW 100 years ago. Building physical beauty, the quietness of the liturgical worship of authenticity is maintained. So also with the ritual-undhuh undhuh. As a typical GKJW, especially GKJW kediri, this ritual will be maintained and kept preserved sebaqgai an ancestral heritage and traditions that should be kept beauty and originality.

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