Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buah Pinang from Papua,Indoenesia

Probably not much familiar with betel nut. You'll often hear about the fruit, but you may not know clearly what he looked like and how to enjoy it. Well, just information for you, for the people of Papua, betel nut was not an alien thing. And they not only know like that, but they even have their own way to enjoy it.
For the people of Papua, eating betel nuts is a common thing. Ranging from small children to old people know about this fruit. For them, this is a common food eaten while they are working on their activities. About how to enjoy it, people of Papua have its own way, ie by eating it with a mixture of betel and lime powder.
Betel and lime powder, which is to be eaten with a mixture of betel nut
As we can see in the pictures, they really enjoyed the time eating the nut from the areca peel their teeth to see the fruit, dip it into powdered betel lime, and then eat them together. Want to know how it feels? So, areca nut taste is quite unique, which is a mix of spicy and bitter taste.
It is said that according to the Papuans, with nut consumption 2-3 times a day, can cause teeth and gums become stronger, and they believe that the nut is more powerful than any kind of any toothpaste. Evidently, someone there elderly continue to have the teeth and gums strong.
As for price, for once consuming betel nuts, betel and complete with chalk powder, more or less cost around Rp. 2000, -. See, how they really enjoyed the time consuming betel nuts ... if you're curious and want to try it? So, please you order it directly from Papua.

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